Monday, February 27, 2017

Crack the Brain Map 1.11.2


Crack the Brain Map takes you on the confusing adventure that’s surely interest you. In this map, you will have to find out the 5th FlashDRIVE which is in the hacker’s bedroom. Don’t worry; the agency will put you in that room; and your mission is going around the map, doing parkour, elytra skill flying, a maze, find the buttons and other adventure areas. Of course, there will be helpful hints which guide you along the way!

Now, it’s time for your action, let’s explore your map and firgure out up to 50 LaserDRIVES scattered around the bedroom. Try to find as many as possible, that’ll take you on a memorable journey.

Additional Info

Download here :
Crack the Brain Map 1.11.2

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