Monday, February 27, 2017

PumpkiSplode Mod 1.10.2


PumpkiSplode Mod is actually a fun mod in Minecraft. In this mod; whenever a Villager sees Pumpkins, they will explode immediately. Then you can collect all the Emerals or any items they are carrying like wheat, potatoes and other attractive things.

In order to make a Villager explode, let’s place the pumpkin in front of them or you might threaten them by putting pumpkin on your head. Maybe the reason make Villager explode is that they are too scary whenever they see pumpkins. It’s really fun that you should try once in Minecraft.

Every time a villager sees a pumpkin, either in the world or on a player’s head, it will explode, dropping a random amout of emeralds and also all the items it has been carrying (like wheat and potatoes). Villagers will only get scared by the front of pumpkins, though. Probably because they have such a scary face.

Download here :
PumpkiSplode Mod 1.10.2

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