Monday, February 27, 2017

Refraction Mod 1.10.2 (Manipulation of Light and Lasers)


Refraction Mod allows players to manipulate with light and lasers. This mod seems to be a new content in Minecraft. Through this you can do some interesting things including:

  • Make arrays of magnifiers to collect sunlight into focused beams.
  • Use glowstone to create laser blocks.
  • Especially, you can use half mirrors, prisms, and reflection chambers to split and merge light beams so that you can create different colors of light with many special effects. For instance; while a cyan light beam attracts any entities towards the source, a purple beam disperses entities away from the source. Well, your world now looks more wonderful with various lights.

    Download here :
    Refraction Mod 1.10.2 (Manipulation of Light and Lasers)

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