Monday, February 27, 2017

Utopia Mod 1.11.2 (King’s Tools, ?Fractured Diamond Set?)


Utopia is a mod that’s been made specifially to add new tools, weapons, sword, rice, chainmail to Minecraft. Once installing the mod, you have chance to get many things with different features such as King tools and weapons, Fractured Diamond Set or Nether Quartz Sword. You might see that those things seem to have the same function being give a better survival for everyone in Minecraft.

King tools and weapons

  • Craft like regular tools, Includes a Spade, Sword, War Axe (three King Ingots on top row, Ingot, Stick, Ingot, then a Stick on bottom in the middle), Axe, and Pickaxe.
  • Better than Diamond in every way.
  • Needs King Ingot to craft! One Obsidian Shard in the middle, surround it with Gold Ingots.

  • Download here :
    Utopia Mod 1.11.2 (King’s Tools, ?Fractured Diamond Set?)

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