Thursday, June 1, 2017

Felling Mod 1.11.2 (Timber, TreeCapitator, Real Physics)


Felling Mod 1.11.2 is a very simple mod, and fits very well into the original feeling of the game. The mod introduces a new enchantment to the world, Felling. It can be enchanted on any axe and when chopping down trees, cuts the entire tree down at once. It is quite common (occurring about half the time with a good number of bookshelves) and works just like you would expect any other enchantment to.

  • Felling I is semi-rare, and will cut straight up, destroying all blocks up the tree. It pops up frequently with 15 bookshelves.
  • Felling II is quite rare and will destroy all the contiguous logs. It is still relatively hard to find even with 15 bookshelves.
  • Minecraft Forge

    Download here :
    Felling Mod 1.11.2 (Timber, TreeCapitator, Real Physics)

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