Thursday, June 1, 2017

Witching Gadgets Mod 1.7.10 for Thaumcraft


Witching Gadgets Mod has been designed as an addon to Thaumcraft. This mod probably focuses on expanding to Thaumcraft and it also works as a crossover mod between Thaumcraft and various others. Additionally, the mod features a variety of items and blocks to make the game more attractive.

  • Ageing Stone allows to greately speed up the growth of animals and it requires nothing to work.
  • Arcane Terrestrial Reformer is an easy-to-make terraformer which can change the biome around it.
  • Infernal Blast Furnace, which allows the player to obtain 3 ingots from 1 ore. It can also easily create Steel Ingot and Block of Steel and requires nothing to work.
  • Thaumic Stone Extruder is another Cobblestone generator, very useful for experienced players.
  • Primordial set of tools, weapons and armor with unique abilities, advantages of Runic Shielding and an attunement to any of the Primal Aspects.
  • Lots of useful accessoires, cloaks, belts, rings, pauldrons and so on, each of which gives some buffs or abilities to the wearer.
  • The ability to restore Primordial Pearl after it has been used in crafting.
  • Several new enchantments based on stealth and sneaky attacks.
  • The original, Thaumcraft-inspired content of this mod is meant to be played alongside the main mod, so it ranges through all tech tiers.

    Download here :
    Witching Gadgets Mod 1.7.10 for Thaumcraft

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