Sunday, December 25, 2016

Power Apples Mod 1.8


Power Apples Mod adds some cool apples, giving you special abilitys.


  • Magical Ore: Mine Magical Ore to get Magical Dust, you can find Magical Ore only at Bedrock (Level 0-5)
  • Magical Dust: Used to make Magical Diamond Dust, Magical Obsidian Dust? You can get it from Magical Ore
  • Magic Diamond Dust: Used to craft Diamond Apples
  • Magic Obsidian Dust: Used to craft Obsidian Apples
  • Diamond Apple: Effects: ? 60 seconds regeneration VI
  • Obsidian Apple: Effects: ? 120 seconds resistance V

  • Download here :
    Power Apples Mod 1.8

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