Saturday, December 10, 2016

CloneCraft Mod 1.6.4


CloneCraft Mod 1.6.4

Hello and welcome to the official forum page for CloneCraft (formerly known as the MyPeopleMod).Here you can find all you CloneCrafting needs, from downloads, to pictures, to tutorials and blumbering oafs like me. I hope you enjoy your visit, and have a lovely journey into the fun field of science! (Which, in this mod, is completely technically wrong, but it looks cool, and that’s all that matters.)

The Detailz
So, what exactly is this mod you may ask? Well. Basically, it’s a big mess.But aside from that, it introduces a whole plethora of new technical gadgets and gizmos into your Minecraft world for you to explore. Create clones of any entity in the game and bring them to life with lightning! Extract and splice genes from DNA samples from and into any entities of your choosing! Even yourself! Create giant friendly mutant creepers, or teleporting sheep! The possibilites are endless!

CloneCraft Mod 1.6.4


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