Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Custom Boss Collection 2 Map 1.11


Custom Boss Collection 2 Map is a map about fighting bosses. But not only are there lots of bosses, but there are also many other things. At the moment the map has over ninety bosses and is probably the biggest Boss Collection there is.

When you begin the map, you can choose a class with which you will fight a boss. After selecting the class you will get teleported to the Boss Selection room. This room is split into 8 different corridors. There is the Misc, Overworld, Nether, Player, Water, Unlockable, Remake and End Corridor. Bosses are sorted into these corridors. Currently, most bosses are in the Overworld corridor. After you select a boss you will fight it. Bosses are normal mobs, but there are also some more unique bosses, that are e.g. made of Blocks or Custom Models (e.g. McTsts or Zombie Lord). On the right side of your screen, you will see your amount of deaths, but there is no live limit. After defeating a boss you will be teleported back to the class selection room.

Many classes are unlocked by defeating a certain boss (e.g. EnderPig class is unlocked by defeating EnderPig). But like I already mentioned bosses aren’t the only thing in this map. If you are in the Boss Selection room you will find a button near the start which will take you to the Challenge Corridor, in the Challenge Corridor, you can select one of the many Challenges (e.g. Defeating Ghost in 20 seconds). Completing a challenge the first time often rewards you with a special item/ability for a special class: Mage. The mage class will get better/stronger the more bosses you defeat.

Custom Boss Collection 2 Map 1.11


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