Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dinosaur Dimension Mod 1.7.10


List of dinosaurs:

  • Dimetrodon ("Two sizes of teeth") ? large lizard-like creature with a sail on its back
  • Velociraptor ("Speedy robber") ? quick, cunning, and fierce during the night, they attack in groups
  • Pteranodon ("Winged without teeth") ? evil flying little beasts that attack you at first sight
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex ("Lizard tyrant king") ? hulking monster that can easily outrun puny humans
  • Sauropod ("Foot lizard") ? peaceful giants of the Jurassic age
  • Stegosaurus ("Roofed lizard") ? armored and ready to defend in a fight
  • Triceratops ("Three horned face") ? like the stegosaurs, only attacks if you start a fight
  • Trilobite ("Three lobes") ? ancient bug-like crustaceans that fill the rivers

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    Dinosaur Dimension Mod 1.7.10


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