Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ender Eye-Fi Mod 1.8


Ender Eye-Fi Mod which is a pretty noticable mod in Minecraft aims only to create an easier, less cluttered method of sending redstone signals through large distances.


4 new Repeater types: an ender powered repeater, 2 signal converters to convert redstone signals to and from ender signals, and a modified redstone repeater sharing its ender counterparts ability to redirect signals. Ender Repeaters work similar to redstone repeaters with the added feature of sending signals without the need for redstone dust. Ender Repeaters can send unobstructed signals up to 15 blocks away. Ender signals cannot be used to power redstone mechanisms (e.g. doors, trapdoors, etc.).
Signal repeaters Repeats a signal of the same kind

Download here :
Ender Eye-Fi Mod 1.8

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