Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jerry’s Mod 1.5.2


Jerry Mod brings in 28 new items with 5 blocks, 2 armor sets, 2 tool sets, 3 gem and 24 crafting recipes. Look out for overpowering if you aren’t using Divine RPG.

Who is Jerry? How do we find him?

A long time ago, in a world know as Minecraftia a little slime spawned. He found himself in a cave that was lit by a few torches. CaptainSparklez walked around the corner and saw the little slime, now he needed slime balls so he raised his sword to strike. Suddenly he realized that the little slime was Jerry!!!! Jerry started following CaptainSparklez as he went into the mine. CaptainSparklez, not wanting Jerry to get hurt, changed his mind and brought Jerry back to the front of the cave were he made a little pen to keep him safe. Now there was a glitch in the despawing code, it thought that Jerry was an ordinary slime. Suddenly Jerry was despawned and sent to slime heaven! The code was fixed but Jerry was already gone! Now its up to you to bring him back to life! Travel to the slime heaven, find his temple, and rescue Jerry!

Jerry’s Mod 1.5.2


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