Thursday, December 8, 2016

Luigis Industrial Farming Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2




1. The Planter
It’s crafted like this:
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Its purpose is to automatically plant seeds you store in its inventory. It is compatible with wheat, carrots, potatoes, cocoa beans, sugar cane and nether stalks. Located below a field of 9×9 blocks maximum it plants stored seeds when it receives a redstone impulse. In addition to that, it picks up seeds it needs for the next sowing. This seems to be a problem with crops that are their seeds themselves f.e. carrots. To solve this problem, the Planter counts the amount of seeds needed and stores them in its inventory. It won’t take more seeds than it needs to. This is the Planter’s inventory:
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The nine slots on the top left are the Planter’s inventory. There you can put the seeds you want it to plant. According to the seeds the Planter will automatically plant them to the fields they fit to: wheat, potatoes and carrots to tilled fields, sugar cane to dirt, grass or sand, nether stalks to soulsand and cocoa beans to jungle stems. The Slider on the top right is used to set up the field size. It ranges from 1 to 81 (9×9) fields. When placing the Planter, it’s important to set the field size ? otherwise it won’t plant!
The button on the right is used to toggle the item pickup. ?No item pickup? turns the pickup function off, ?pickup:? will make the Planter to recollect harvested crops. The slot on the far right can be used as an Item filter for the Planter to know which seeds to take back. Left free, the Planter will pick up all seeds, needed potatoes, carrots, sugar canes, nether stalks and cocoa beans. This function can be useful if you want to set up field patterns with more than one crop type to plant.
Here is a possible pattern for a wheat, potato or carrot farm:
Posted Image
and a cocoa farm:
Posted Image

Luigis Industrial Farming Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2


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