Sunday, December 25, 2016

Magic Muffins Mod 1.8.9


Magic Muffins Mod enables player to pour a potion onto a muffin and make it into a Magic Muffin owning the exact same effect as the potion poured onto it, being stacked to 4 and filling up your hunger bar a bit due to some nutritional value. This mod contains vital functions listed below to be attactive:

  • Drinkable potions: poured onto muffins to make them magical, including the bad-effect ones. Splash Potions cannot be made into Magic Muffins.
  • Be able to make Lollipops, Popsicles, and Icecream Cones and pour potions onto these items to make them magical, but not very nourishing.
  • Each of the new food items can be stacked to 16, once you pour a potion onto them they can only be stacked to 4
  • Muffins and Icecream Cones also have chocolate variants
  • Recipes:

    Download here :
    Magic Muffins Mod 1.8.9

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