Sunday, December 11, 2016

MCHeli Mod 1.7.2


MCHeli Mod is the abbreviation of Minecraft Helicopter that adds realistic planes and helicopters. You’ve all seen them, they go up and down and all around. 

View more MC Helicopter Modadds 3 new helicopters to minecraft, and THX Helicopter Modhelicopter is equipped with both missiles and rockets.

The helicopters in MCHeli can take a few minutes to master the controls of. Throttle will simply accelerate you in whatever direction the roters are facing, so if you keep the controls level, you’ll just go straight up. Push your mouse up, the controls will tilt the nose down, and you’ll move forward. Once you get the hang of it, controlling them is very natural and you’ll easily get all around the world! 
Some helicopters can land on the water, and will float! Helicopters can also take assorted amount of passengers, including extra gunners to help fight off any targets. 

MCHeli Mod 1.7.2


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