Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mob Fusions Mod by hhggtg3279


Ever wanted to let out your inner mad scientist? Well now you can with the Mob Fusions mod. Extract DNA from different mobs and create some ghastly creations. Currently Mob Fusions mod adds 6 fusions which can be made, it also includes 2 new ores aluminium and copper which are essential for the successful extraction of DNA. Both ores can also be used to make a range of containment vessels and defenses against your hostile abominations (currently there are only 6 fusions).


  • Pig cow
  • Cow zombie
  • Creeper pig
  • Spider pig
  • Pig zombie
  • Creeper zombie

  • Download here :
    Mob Fusions Mod by hhggtg3279

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