Sunday, December 25, 2016

Recall Mod


Recall Mod is a mod originally made by zenithselenium back in Alpha 1.2.6 (Check the original thread below the title), yeah, it’s old. It was the first mod I ever used and I find it to be awesome, so I decided to take the plunge and update it to the current day minecraft, my version of Recall is much more simplified than zenith’s and uses a lot less ID’s and sprite indices, it also supports all 16 colors of the spectrum.

Changes from zenith’s version:

  • Support for all 16 colors of the spectrum;
  • Overlay based, meaning for all the 48 items, it only uses 3 sprite indices;
  • Item Metadata based, 3 item ID’s only;
  • Improved recipes to match the new minecraft items since then.
  • A new scroll called the return scroll, that teleports you to the place where you last used the recall scroll of it’s color.
  • SFX and GFX.
  • Shared Warps (Available in the config) If this is enabled, the warp points for the players are shared between the players, great for small lan games and the like.
  • Oldschool mode (Available in the config) that changes the recipes to be like they were back in zenith’s version.

  • Download here :
    Recall Mod

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