Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sanguimancy Mod 1.7.10


This is an addon for Blood Magic Mod. Never fear the Darkness? it is quite practical after all.. You are entering the realm of Sanguimancy. This subject is not for the weak of mind.. Heed this warning stranger, for it is the only one you shall receive!


  • 3 tiers of automation for the Blood Altar
  • 8 new rituals, with but not limited to: A better and faster Well of Suffering: The Drill of the Dead
  • A higly customizable Portal System, with an almost infinite amout of networks possible: The Gate of the Fold
  • A ritual keeping a big area lit: The Illumination
  • A new mechanic, completely unheard of in Blood Magic: Soul Corruption. With it comes everything linked to it: Sacrificing players to steal their Life Points, Tools, Corrupted Infusion: breaking down items because of your soul’s corruption
  • 7 different types of Ethereal Blocks
  • Tanks, able to store any fluid
  • A control over your Soul Network yet unheard of
  • Compatibility with ComputerCraft and OpenComputers with the ability to read a player’s Soul Network
  • Sigils, a Wand, and more!

  • Download
    Sanguimancy Mod 1.7.10


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