Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SDK’s ModLoaderMP


General Information:

Single Player

  • Check the mod_*.properties files, they have lots of configurable options. .properties files are text files.
  • The jet pack is worn as a chest piece. Hold down jump while in midair to use it. It requires buckets of oil for fuel.
  • Laser wolves look like normal wolves but their eyes are teal. Right click them with a laser (carefully) and/or diamond breastplate to give it to them (after they’ve been tamed).
  • Don’t right click a normal wolf with a laser, you’ll shoot it in the face.
  • The ATV wheel recipe does not conflict with the planes wheel recipe. If you have planes installed, the ATV uses the plane wheels.
  • Press I on the ATV to access the guns menu.
  • Press space on the ATV to fire the guns.
  • The ATV can be repaired by right clicking it with a wrench.
  • The laser uses redstone dust for ammo.
  • The grappling hook activates when it lands on top of a block that is accessible from the direction you threw it.
  • Default key to reload is ‘R’, zoom is ‘Z’, use parachute is ‘P’, enable nightvision is ‘N’.
  • Nightvision goggles are worn on the head, scuba tanks and parachutes are worn on the chest.
  • The lighter block lights on fire when power is applied to it.
  • Right click the cannon block with TNT to fill it up, max 15. Power it with redstone to fire.
  • The grinder block is fueled by diamonds for 64 uses each or iron for 8 uses each. It grinds flint (100% chance) and gravel (25% chance) into gunpowder.
  • Hardcore mode increases the maximum number of mobs.
  • The lightometer turns red when it’s dark enough for monsters to spawn.

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    SDK’s ModLoaderMP


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