Friday, December 9, 2016

The Erebus Mod 1.6.4


The Erebus Mod 1.6.4

The Erebus Mod is a dimension about all kinds of arthropods and other invertebrates, located deep below the Overworld. These vast lands were once created by the Godess Gaea, but are now infested with all kinds of hostile creatures. Travel to this subterranean world and discover it?s secrets!

The Erebus is designed to provide a perfect enviroment to live in, while keeping it very dangerous. Currently, the basework for the dimension is being worked on (mobs, biomes, blocks, etc).
This mod plays well with both magic-based mods and tech-based mods, having features such as Thaumcraft aspect support (being worked on) and various commonly used ores such as Copper and Tin that you can turn on in the config.
The Erebus has some magnificent things planned. Gamechanging dungeons, amazing terrain, and an in-depth RPG system that will allow you to experience the Erebus to its full extend.

The Erebus Mod 1.6.4


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