Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Lizzy Anvil Mod 1.8.9


The Lizzy Anvil mod adds a new anvil to Minecraft: the workshop anvil (a.k.a. The Lizzy Anvil). The workshop anvil replaces the vanilla anvil for the purpose of renaming, repairing, and enchanting with books. The vanilla anvil still exists in the game but it no longer does anything but look nice and fall on things.


Cost Mechanics: Each enchantment has a cost-per-level value. The enchantment value is the cost-per-level times the level of the enchantment. When you enchant an item with a book on the workshop anvil it costs the enchantment value. When you repair an item, the cost is the total enchantment value for all the enchantments on that item. If there are no enchantments, there is no cost. The cost never goes up unless you add enchantment value to the item. When you combine two enchanted books together the cost is the lower of the two enchantment values on the books. When you combine two enchanted items together the cost is the value of the enchantments on the resulting item. Enchanting items with books and combining books together are considerably less expensive than combining enchanted items together. Renaming items never has a cost, even if the item is enchanted.

Download here :
The Lizzy Anvil Mod 1.8.9

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