Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Siege Mod 1.7.10


The Siege Mod is a useful mod that helps players build and protect their kingdom. Since it’s launched, it’s compatible with multiplayer. In addition, this mod not only create many villagers but also train them how to wield bows and swords. To ensure more energy for villagers, the siege also provides armor and enchantments for battle. If you have any doubt about your castle being destroyed by mobs, attackers, or pillage and plunder; don’t worry because all villagers are taught to guard that with an army at your back as well. There are so many benefits you have from this mod including that YOU are born to be the king in The Siege mod.

Some Swords Mods :

  • Advanced Swords Mod
  • Power Swords Mod
  • Mo’ Swords ++ Mod

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    The Siege Mod 1.7.10


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