Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod 1.8/1.7.10


Reconsideration is in for any mod claiming to be “Ultimate”, however this may not be needed for the Ultimate Unicorn Mod, as it seems to be the top unicorn mod presently. It adds a lot new horses to Minecraft, in which there are unicorns, flying horses and even those Pegasus-like. Even better, they can be dressed with fresh modded armors and saddles to become more complex and useful, far superior to standard horses.

Thankfully, these unicorn and Pegasus mobs are quite rare – you could go for several real world days without actually finding any in your Minecraft world. If you do manage to find any then, you’ll want to tie them down with a lead and a fence post if that’s a possibility. In the unicorn’s case, you can just dig a deep hole to trap it until you’re ready to deal with it, like any other livestock. Pegasus can just fly away though, so you’ll really need that lead and fence if you find one. Unicorns are tamed with golden apples, making them pretty expensive to own. They’re also great, aggressive horses though.

You can charge mobs and even other players, goring them with the unicorn horn by pressing F. Special slotted helmets loaded with the right magic wands will make unicorns fire lightning bolts as well; they can be quite fierce. It should be understood already, but the Pegasus and its variants (like the burning Nightmare) will allow the rider to take to the skies, traveling over terrain, monsters and rivers with impunity. New attachments for horses include horseshoes, which can jack up their move speed and the damage they deal if they have offensive moves, like the unicorn.

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod 1.8/1.7.10


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