Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Toxic World Mod 1.7.10


Toxic World Mod adds a couple features in that make Hardcore playing a little bit harder.


  • It implements Toxic Rain which will apply the Potion Effect of Poison on you, the longer you are outside in the rain the harder the Effect will be.
  • Also some BiomeTypes are Toxic, breaking Ground/Grass Blocks can cause a Toxic Gas to drain out and it will add the Poisen Effect on you.
  • Staying in water in the Toxic BiomeTypes and you get Poisen too.
  • Also it implements a Enchantment “Uncorrodible” to the game which lowers the chance that you get poisened. (Armor gets no PoisenDamage even without that enchantment). It does not completly remove it but it lowers the chance (the full armor make it to a 5% chance) drasticly.
  • Toxic Biome Types are: Swamp Type, Jungle Type, Dead Type, Wet Type
  • Almost Everything is configable:
    • You can dissable: ToxicRain, Toxic Water and Toxic Blocks.
    • Also Changeable: ToxicBlock Chance (default: 5% chance) and how the PotionEffect gets applied (initTime, addTime, maxTime)

  • Download
    Toxic World Mod 1.7.10


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