Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Worms Mod 1.8


It seems odd that the people behind Minecraft never implemented simple worms in a game where farming is a major way to get resources and grow food. The Worms Mod fixes this potential oversight by adding both worms and grubs to the world of Minecraft. Whenever you’re digging around in dirt blocks, you have a small chance of spawning either of these two creepy crawlers. Oddly enough, you can’t actually use any of the worms you find to help you grow your plants. Normally worms would aerate soil and allow plants to grow stronger root systems faster. This in turn leads to greater yields.

Instead, players can eat the worms they pull out of the dirt for a measly half hunger point and what might be the lowest level of food saturation in Minecraft, even worse than cookies which barely make the character feel fed at all. Worms are even worse, and while you probably won’t be carrying around stacks of them to act as a food source, the fact you have a chance to pull something edible out of simple dirt blocks shouldn’t be overlooked. The Worms Mod will help you to survive in situations where you would otherwise starve to death. The food isn’t pretty, but it will keep you alive.

Worms Mod 1.8


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