Thursday, December 22, 2016

X-Ray Mod


X-Ray Mod is one of the most unique mods related to hunting down resources undeground in Minecraft.This mod helps you figure out precious resources like mob spawners or chests in caves, abandoned mineshafts and many places. All treasure behind rocks is waiting for you.

By making eveything like rocks or land become invisible, you can look through undeground. Of course, all rocks are still there, but you won’t see them, you will see many things you are looking for. You might build vast networks of tunnels and look for an easier way to help line them up. Or you even become an engineer to get a better look at buried circuits.

To run the mod, let’s use X, cave finder with C, and a host of other modes to give you superhero vision. The mod is fully configurable in-game (menu: Ctrl+X) to customize blocks, key bindings, and more!

Download here :
X-Ray Mod

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