Friday, December 23, 2016

Block Armor Mod


Block Armor mod is a cool and functional mod which allows you to add sets of armor to Minecraft. As you know, armor in Minecraft has functions of reducing the damage and it also extend the player’s life to help them survive from the hit of enemies. Therefore this mod promises to deliver many benefits for you.

Armor in this mod is made from various blocks. And with each kind of armor’s material, it will have the different durability and damage reduction modifiers. Below are some kinds of armor blocks to craft the armors. All these armor blocks have standard recipe so that they will create a specific armor:

  • Lapis armor is made from Lapis Lazuli blocks
  • Obsidian armor has materials of obsidian
  • Sugarcane and Emerald armor use the item form
  • Beside, Snow armor uses leather or a leather chestplate in place of some snow blocks.

  • Download here :
    Block Armor Mod

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