Friday, December 23, 2016

Emerald & Obsidian Mod


Emerald & Obsidian Mod is an interesting mod in Minecraft. This mod implements exactly what its name suggested. Through the mod you can add obsidian and emerald tools and armor to Minecraft. Each tool manages to have its own property for you to access. If you have ever wished to use Obsidian and Emerald tools and armor, this mod extremely makes your dream come true.

  • Emerald tools and weapons
  • Obsidian tools and weapons
  • Obsidian armor
  • Reinforeced tools
  • A menu for recipes and an update check
  • Shurikans crushers and slashers
  • A advance config fully functional
  • Obsidian armor adds fire resistance
  • A scimitar: does less damage then sword ,but adds wither effect that does 1 more damage then sword if you add it up.
  • A full armor set(for emerald/obsidian armor).
  • Can repair the items and armor now
  • Emerald armor

    Download here :
    Emerald & Obsidian Mod

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