Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CommuMod 1.7.10


CommuMod is an awesome mod that I can ever think of. It not only adds three ores, armor and tools for them but also their own blocks with special abilities. The superibumTNT (like mining TNT) along with the superbiumTorch(acts like redstone torch) and superbium Dust(acts like redstone) are added too. One more amazing thing about this is that the user (yes YOU) gets a say in what you want next.


The three ores generated in are called Aradactite Ore, Superbium Ore, and Ruby ore. Superbium Ore drops dust which can be used as redstone, or you can just smelt it into superbium ingots for making tools, armor, and the block.
Aradactite Ore:

CommuMod 1.7.10


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