Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pig Meteors Mod 1.7.10


Pig Meteors Mod reminds user The Nether, a pretty scary place where giant pig meteors falling from the sky and destroying your Minecraft world and moreover, generates terrifying flying pork from outer space crashing into Earth and wiping out everything in its path. Remark following tips to have a successful game at all.

  • Meteors are highly destructive and can easily take out a large city.
  • Do the smart thing and make a backup of your world first or all of your hard work getting destroyed.
  • To have more fun, grabbing random maps and unleashing the Pig Meteors mod on them to watch other’s hard working getting reduced to rubble.
  • The meteors landing can turn into giant, living normal pigs to follow you if you have carrots and run away from being hit.
  • Meteors destroy everything contacting with them without discrimination.
  • It won’t be afterwards if it’s standing up and the giant meteor pigs come around.
  • Permit user to take over the space pigs by using a created item to spawn them.
  • Meteors don’t randomly appear and crush stuff like ones from Terraria.
  • Or don’t. Just grabbing random maps from online and then unleashing the Pig Meteors mod on those maps can be a lot of fun by itself. Watching other people’s hard work getting reduced to rubble is generally a lot less stressful than watching it happen to your own work, after all. The meteors landing aren’t even the most destructive part of the mod, not by a longshot. Once they do, they turn into giant, living pigs, which are just like the normal pigs you find in Minecraft. They run away from being hit, they follow you if you have carrots.

    Pig Meteors Mod 1.7.10


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