Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reedcraft Mod 1.7.10


Reedcraft Mod is created for players wanting more sugarcane to make a use outside of cake or bookbinding, handling enourmous surplus sugar of their sugarcane farm or simply loving sugarcane. This mod aims mainly to make sugarcane a useful early- to mid-game crop while associated with the vanilla texturing style and quirky magical theme of Minecraft. It also contains 11 different items: 9 weapons, 1 food item, and 1 crafting item. Weapons is divided into 2 kinds that are spears and staves and the most numerous of the items and the most fleshed-out.

The spears in Reedcraft follow a similar tier system to that of vanilla Minecraft?s swords, with a steady progression through the various materials until you hit diamond. However, there is one small change? The wood tier has been replaced with flint, which actually does a good amount of damage but breaks quite easily. Spears, with the exception of flint, have much higher durability than their sword counterparts, and are generally more enchantable. They are, however, quite annoying to craft. Better get out your bow and go hunting for slimes, because these spears require two leads per recipe.

The staves in Reedcraft are far more complex than the spears. They require a pre-crafted staff core, which cannot be used as a weapon, and each subsequent tier requires the previous tier to make. While the final tier of staff may not be so difficult to create in terms of the crafting recipe, you must proceed through all three other tiers to get it. However, this daunting task is quite worth it: in its final iteration, your staff will have a multitude of magical effects that augment its mediocre melee damage into a force to be reckoned with.
Staff Effects: First Tier (Leather Bound):

Reedcraft Mod 1.7.10


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