Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jungle Run Map


Jungle Run is a variant on our previous map DeathRun, which is based on the Team Fortress 2 gamemode. Jungle Run is a mini game where the players have to complete a track, full of traps. It’s not just an ordinary jumping-puzzle, there is also a so-called activator. You’ll need at least 2 players to start a round. The players are separated into two teams:


The runners’ goal is to complete the track. The number of players in this team depends on the total number of players in the server. If you play with more than 2 players, it’s most likely that you will play most of the time in this team. If one Runner makes it to the end, the entire team will win.. and the runners! When a Runner dies, he will respawn in a spectator room.

Download here :
Jungle Run Map

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