Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sprint Map


A Parkour Map By Zephyr0s.

Map Features:

  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Minecraft 14w11b+
  • 10 Beautifully designed and unique levels
  • Some levels inspired by popular games and movies, such as Mario Kart, Portal, Monsters Inc and more!
  • Full checkpoint/spawn reset system
  • Skip Buttons (so any level of player can complete the game)
  • Tutorial levels
  • Loot and shop system designed to reward players with a keen eye by making future levels a tad bit easier!
  • Bonus end – game levels and easter eggs
  • Over 150 hours of effort
  • Guaranteed 4+ Hours of gameplay time (up to 20 hours based on beta tests)
  • Unique and innovative parkour dynamics and gameplay!

  • Download here :
    Sprint Map

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