Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Xaiwaker Swirly Resource Pack


Xaiwaker Swirly Resource Pack is a very appealing resource pack that’s one of the higher quality options available in the long line of packs designed by kyctarniq. As you can probably tell by the name, this pack has been inspired by the original Xaiwaker pack that was designed by Xaivern so you’ll notice that they both share a lot of visual elements. However, kyctarniq’s pack shows quite a lot of finesse and is very well executed. This pack was made mainly due to the fact that the original release by Xaivern is now open source.

Xaiwaker Swirly’s main highlight is that it features a very distinct art style that offers players a refreshing experience. The pack’s visual style is very reminiscent to that of popular video game series like Zelda and Animal Crossing. It utilizes some very bright colors that, when coupled with the high quality and detailed textures, make the game look absolutely stunning. The item textures of this pack also look very unique very much unlike anything seen before in most packs. Overall, Xaiwaker Swirly has a unique, bright and clean look that players are sure to enjoy if they’re looking for a fresh experience when it comes to the visuals of Minecraft.

One great thing about the Xaiwaker Swirly resource pack is that it’s available in both x16 and x32 versions. If you have a low-end PC, then you can opt to run the x16 variant, but if you have a decent PC that doesn’t struggle with high resolutions, then the x32 version will be more in line with your preferences. The pack is also fully compatible with Minecraft 1.9 which is a pretty big plus point.

Download here :
Xaiwaker Swirly Resource Pack

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