Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LB PhotoRealism 3D Resource Pack



“Hello World!
My name is 1LotS and I am the creator of this resourcepack called “LB PhotoRealism Reload!”. This pack (LB Photo Realism or LBPR) was originally created by Scuttles, but was kind of abandoned for a while a couple of years ago. Meanwhile I started making this pack using an older version of LBPR.
My version of LBPR is made for Minecrafters who would like minecraft to have better graphics and just look nicer. The pack includes HD-Textures (x128), 3D-models and also some custom sounds.
I try to make the pack similar to default textures, but also adding some style to it, so the pack will look pretty. LBPR: Reload! was made to make Minecraft look as realistic as possible.
I hope you’ll like my work!” -1LotS-


Download here :
LB PhotoRealism 3D Resource Pack

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