Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Biome Paint Tools Mod 1.10.2


Biome Paint Tools Mod executes function of changing biome on certain position by using pencil. Thanks to this mod, you won’t have to go back to the config file to control features of biome. Now you can directly put your own favorite trait to the biome. Hope that this interesting mod will give you engaging experiences.

  • Craft biome pencil. (or use empty pencil)
  • Sneak-right-click on the grass (or any other block). This will configure pencil to biome on that position.
  • Continue sneak-right-clicking on any block with the same biome to charge pencil.
  • Right click on any block that has different biome. This will change the biome to what is pencil bound to. Uses 1 charge.
  • Main recipe

    Download here :
    Biome Paint Tools Mod 1.10.2

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