Sunday, January 22, 2017

Captive Minecraft IV Map


Captive Minecraft 4 Map is sequel to the hugely popular Captive Minecraft 3 and this entry in the series makes things even harder. The concept is pretty much the same, you start by dropping in the trilling untouched snow forest and there is only a nearby spruce tree which will support you to get achievements when you enter this world.

This map features more difficult challenges compared to the prior series, at first when you land the forest, you will have to face with the Worth Border which is surrounding you, so you can’t leave the block where you are standing since this Worth Border is impenetrable and will enlarge the size once you earn achievements. That’s an extremely hard obstacle, however if you can get through achievements, you will get a huge present including chests filled with everything.

This present is very important to you as it is useful for you to begin mining downwards into the world. This map supports all singleplayer and multiplayer, so you can enjoy the challenging adventure map and have funny parkour experience alongside your friends or even if you’re relatively new to Minecraft – then Captive Minecraft: Winter Realm is the map for you.

Download here :
Captive Minecraft IV Map

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