Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lord of Gravitation Map 1.10.2


Lord of Gravitation Map is an exciting and challenging map that sure to get a lot of players hooked. It has many great features that have been designed to keep players much interesting. In this map you will become a God of Gravity as the map’s name, and your role is change gravity and control villager’s lives. That sounds an exciting plot.

You’ll definitely have to overcome 10 levels in this map, form 1 villager to 4. Each time when you lead the poor villager to the nether brick, he will die, however you can successfully come to the next room. About the mission of changing gravity, you can do that by simply selecting the correct item in your inventory.

You then can see 6 directions of gravity including Up, Down, East, West, South, and North. One important thing you have to bear in mind that you’re also vulnerable while the poor villager steps on a block of magma and dies.

Download here :
Lord of Gravitation Map 1.10.2

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