Monday, January 23, 2017

Mesa Racer 2 Map


Glide with elytras in Mesa Racer 2 Map. The much-anticipated sequel to an Elytra game enjoyed by thousands. Mesa Racer 2 Map takes the magnificent landscape and deep slot canyons found in the original title and introduces an exciting new course design. Using advanced imaging techniques, a constant and gradual decline was built in to the map. This makes Elytra flight sustainable and allows you to choose your own pace. The same single-player concept of racing against the clock remains, with a new multiplayer mode where you and your friends can try to snipe each other while you are gliding. Is gliding not your style? Try the teleporting sniper run where you have special arrows that can either help or hinder the gliders. Additional PVP options and mini-games are available in the spawn area to keep things interesting for everyone.

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Download here :
Mesa Racer 2 Map

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