Monday, January 23, 2017

The DiscWorld Map


A world map inspired by the DiscWorld, a serie of fantastic books written by Sir Terry Pratchett the now legendary british novelist and humorist. The map was created following the exact shapes of the only map Pratchett ever released of the DiscWorld but since there is no such things as a detailed and exhaustive representation of this said world. The map itself was though to be both a survival experience and a great building ground. If you are a builder all you need to know is that the map is a wide free terrain to play around and the following renders might convince you.

The map is populated with caverns and ores from the layer 0 to 255 and each ore is findable in the same layers as in vanilla minecraft. Sea level is at 40 and the map is 6000 blocks wide. Every non craftable blocks and resources of vanilla minecraft is findable on this map in enough quantities. It includes prismarine and the new 1.10 magma block. Every hostile and non hostile mobs are findable on this map, it includes 1.10 Polar Bears, Husk and Stray. Even 1.9 Shulkers disguised as clams and Guardians & Elder Guardians are presents.

Finally, You will find some structures on the map such as NPC villages, huts, one stronghold and some little extras.

Download here :
The DiscWorld Map

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