Monday, January 23, 2017

Ice Boat Madness Map


It’s time to take the ice boat idea and turn it into an all out race. Ice Boat Madness is a new map which involves gliding over ice while riding a boat in a race against your friends while also using power ups against them. Get your friends ready for a blast.


  • Players: 1-8 supported (the more the better as the map is intended for multiplayer)
  • 5 different big racing tracks!
  • 10 different power ups to collect and use on your friends!
  • Inspired by Mario Kart
  • Leader boards to see who is the top racer
  • Ability to customize what power ups are used
  • Custom music and sound effects
  • Custom boat textures
  • Bonus challenge modes
  • Bonus boat spleef mode

  • Download here :
    Ice Boat Madness Map

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