Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving Blocks Parkour 2 Map


Moving Blocks Parkour 2 Map is a sequel to Moving Blocks Parkour that features unique levels and effects which not only makes the gameplay significantly more challenging but alongside it also helps set the map apart from all others in its category.

As the name suggests, the definition of “Moving Blocks” means that the blocks actually move from place to place instead of static standing and this makes the gameplay more challenging. The map has a total of 15 different levels and increases difficulty for each level. However as said above, this is unique map, you will be supported with cool mechanics proving double/triple jumps and levitation obstacle course.

With great design and many command blocks, this is a very innovative and refreshing parkour map for players to get enjoyable experience. Don’t hesitate to figure out the horrifying mystery about your true identity and your true purpose.

Download here :
Moving Blocks Parkour 2 Map

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