Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Maze Hunter Map


The Maze Hunter Map is highly immersive map that features easy gameplay to provide attractive experience for any player who decides to try this map out. In this map, there are two teams including a hunter and the others are the prey. Now you can guess the game’s objective, two teams will have to defeat each other to survive until the end of the game. In the term of challenges, one player will be randomized to become the hunter and as a result the others will be prey.

The most interesting thing of this map is that players will not know who is a hunter and who are preys, so it’s important that you shouldn’t reveal who the hunter is, except that you are playing 2 player mode since in 2 player you know that. If you are the prey, you will simply spawn with your bare body and what you have to do is try your best so that you won’t be killed by the hunter until the timer located on the right of your screen reaches 0. The prey’s mission sounds easy. In case you are a hunter, you will spawn with a useful weapon to kill prey is a diamond sword. Bearing in mind that you shouldn’t let anyone know you are a hunter and attempts to kill them as quickly as possible or time’s over and you will lose.

The game is auto repeating but may break if you don’t set the right amount of players. And it’s designed for multiplayer including the maximum players are 4 and the minimum are 2 players. This map will definitely have you hooked.

Download here :
The Maze Hunter Map

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