Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Escapists Map 1.9.1


The Escapist Minecraft Edition is a challenging map in which you have to plan your ultimate escape the prison. Because this map is based off the well-known original Escapists game on Steam; if you have ever played The Escapists, you may already guess how the escapist minecraft edition is. To go through the map, you need to work to have money and then offer with others inmates to get the desired items which helps break out of the prison. In particular, the most challenging prison you need to deal with is prison in the end of the map. This prison is based of a prison in the game the Shankton State Pen. It includes your work place: Laundry, Kitchen and Food Court, Showers, Exercise Gym and Outdoor Exercise Yard, 14 Cells (Including Yours), Infirmary, Solitary Confinement, Visitor center, Generator and Library. Therefore you will have to attempt to plan the final escape to beat the map.


Map Trailer:

Download here :
The Escapists Map 1.9.1

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